Great Rhino Slots

Great Rhino Slots is a five reel, 20 pay line game from Pragmatic Play. As is obvious from the name of the video spot, the plains of the Serengeti are well represented by the symbols on the reels. In fact, you can think of playing this one is a digital version of going on a real African safari – after all the correct panels are certainly in the game. You will also appreciate the balanced pay table, which is available for perusal throughout the gameplay. If there is one notable difference between the mechanism of Great Rhino Slots and other 5Reelers, it is that you have to play all 20 pay lines every single time – you'll get the option of picking a number between one and 20.

The previous generally works out better anyway for those who play video slots using the real money option. By playing every single pay line, you statistically improve your chances of winning the various jackpots and symbol prizes. Plus, the slot allows you to play up to 10 coins on each spin and bury the values from $.01-$.50. This allows gamers of all income brackets to put down enough money to make it worth their while if the desired symbols line up.

Now, you will want to know which symbols to be on the lookout for. The big rhino, when he appears five times delivers $20. For rhino symbols deliver seven dollars and cents, three rhino symbols delivers $2.50, and two rhinoceros icons deliver just $.10. The next highest paying symbol is the cheetah or the panther – it's kind of hard to tell exactly which. Five Panthers are worth $10 on the reels, for Panthers are good for $2.50 and three Panthers releases a $.75. The last of the high paying symbols is the Nile crocodile. Five crocodiles are worth $7.50, for crocodiles is $12 and three crocodiles is $.50.

The monetary award for five hyenas is five dollars. For hyenas return $1.50, and three hyenas gives you $.50. The flamingo is also a low-paying symbol; five of these garners $2.50; for flamingos is good for $1.25 and three following those returns just $.50. The remaining symbols are just the poker values Ace, King, Queen and Joker. The highest paying symbol is actually the wild symbol and it looks like an aquamarine diskette of some kind. If five of the show up on the reels, then you win $25. All of this assumes that you decided to download the casio software and sign up for a real money account; otherwise, feel free to play Great Rhino Slots for free in your browser.