Fire 88 Slots

Pragmatic Play is churning out great slots like they’re going out of style. Fire 88 is one such online pokie, and it employs an Eastern Orient theme that centers on the Chinese conception of good luck. In fact, the expansive visual space over which the slot is rendered is quite evocative, and it partners this feature with a truly breathtaking and fast-paced form of gameplay. There is a plenitude of methods by which to win cash and prizes; this assumes, of course, that you’re playing in the real money mode instead of in the fun money, Instant Browser Play mode. The former is incentivized with generous payouts, though, so you might want to think long and hard about what you hope to gain from Fire 88 Slots before you actually fire it up. The appearance of the slot is fairly good; but it’s in the gameplay where it truly shines.

You’ll notice right away that it’s a Classic Styled Slot with just 3 reels. This is coupled with three rows of icons that show up on every single spin, which makes it easier to account for the paying symbols. The number 7 tends to be lucky - although not as lucky as 8, but the latter has no place in this Chinese slot - and so there are 7 total paylines in use. You can bet a maximum of 10 coins on each one of these paylines, which totals 70 coins for every spin and $35 at a rate of 50 cents per coin. Of course, you don’t have to bet the highest amount - it’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable with. The lowest denomination possible is an American penny.

Now, the symbols; Fire 88 Slots has some real treats in store for you. The Dragon icon is the Wild symbol here, and he appears on each of the available reels in this Classic slot to deliver a packed punch of a win. You can enjoy a payout of up to 50x your initial bet! Additionally, the game also has a Dragon re-spin feature that provides more chances to win. Two dragons can result in free spins for a lot of value added to your overall cache.

The Triple Jackpot Feature game is a much-talked about addition to an already tremendous slot in Fire 88. It’s a bonafide bonus that lets you choose one of three onscreen jackpots at random. These jackpots are masked by golden medallions; behind which the riches await. The numbers, in order, for the jackpots are 38x, 88x and 888. The first one corresponds to the lowest jackpot, the second 88x unveils the center jackpot and the last unveils the grand jackpot. Lucky number 8 strikes again in Chinese culture!

Finally, the other payouts in Fire 88 Slots are found using the six normal paying symbols. Winning payouts are a bit easier to come by even in a Classic slot when there are so many icons to help with creating new combinations. A triplet of the 88 icon results in a 20x multiplier win, and a scarlet diamond gets you a 12x win. The gold and green coins also deliver; a 6x result for a triplet of each, in fact. Download to learn more.