Santa Slots

Quite possibly the most famous imaginary figure around, the winter holidays beings Santa sleighing through your neighborhood much to the pleasure of kids and adults alike. Casino games maker, Pragmatic Play, has released this seasonal slot just in time for the holidays. There are easily recognizable Christmas-related symbols on the reels, and the game provides a couple of Bonus symbols to ratchet up your chances of winning the big prize. As with any slot, think carefully about the number of paylines you wish to bet on, and vary the amount you bet - it's statistically better to play them all, but use smaller coin denominations. Low risk - but big reward!

Santa Slots doesn't break new ground; but this isn't a bad thing. You get what you see, and what you see is a lot of opportunities to win using the symbols on the reels. Thankfully, the game does have a Wild symbol for making it easier to collect the symbols on the reels that lead to bonus games and big amounts of cash and prizes. Santa really delivers, although he's a bit tight-fisted in this slot. However, he opens up the coffers when you use the Gamble feature, which has the potential to quadruple your money pot if you choose a black card, or double it if you choose a red card and it turns out to be a winner.

Give Pragmatic Play a chance with their new Santa Slots; with 5 reels and 20 paylines, it's a good sign that there are a whole lot of different ways that the game can pay out. Head to this casino, download the software and make a deposit to get the House Bonus and be eligible for Promotions. You'll be delighted at the goodies that Santa Claus brings you this year if you can hit the Slots jackpot.