Aztec Gems Slots

Aztec Gems is a 3 reel Video Slot that has a modest 5 paylines. Don’t let the small size fool you, however; with a possibility of 10 coins per line and a $25 maximum bet, you could walk away with a king’s ransom if the right symbols aligned for you. In fact, to further enhance the game’s offer, the symbols in Aztec Gems are stacked, and the attendant Multipliers can help you win a game-changing $150,000 flat. There are various gems on the reels - the different colors serve to distinguish them - as well as a high paying symbol in the Aztec Mask. It is possible to play this slot for hours without realizing how much time has passed, because it’s just that much fun Pragmatic Play and Octopus Gaming have really come together to make a good one, and it shows on the screen and through the gameplay.

The theme consists of multi colored gems cascading in the foreground of a waterfall in a lush forest. The unique 4th reel of Aztec Gems Slot consists entirely of Multiplier symbols. As you can see from the penny wager to 50 cents wager per line, this game is tailor made for the risk averse gamer. For more information on the details of the icons, be sure to consult the pay table before you activate the Autoplay or multi-Spin buttons, assuming you are multitasking and do not wish to be present for every single spin. What you win will, of course, be the same as though you were fully engaged. It is not at all uncommon to win several hundred dollars or even a few thousand, given the competitive RTP value of this slot.

Now on to the special symbols. The Aztec Chief is one - of course,right - and he happens to be the Wild. If you get a triplet of the Aztec Chief on the reels, If you get this with the 15x maximum Multiplier, you can be certain that some huge wins are headed your way, since the Wild Chief doubles any win. Although the Wild triplet is the sole Bonus Feature in the game, it’s worth it.

There’s always a shot at the huge payout of $150,000 that we spoke of earlier, too, and everyone agrees you would not want to miss out on that. So head to the casino and download the software so you can make a deposit and play for real cash. You’ll receive a Welcome Bonus for a certain minimum deposit amount, which means you’ll be pretty much playing for free for the first few rounds or more. On the other hand, if money isn’t your thing, you can enjoy this Aztec Gems slot without a financial commitment in the free to play Instant Play mode. Have fun no matter which you choose.